Customer Testimonials


I have worked with Jerry and Steve for the past five years. My partner and I wanted to be able to get into the remodeling business but did not have the financial means at the time. Our first transaction was smooth and a great success. We have since managed to make a profitable revenue in all of our “flips”, thanks to the financial and professional guidance from the HardMoney Company. The HardMoney Company guides you through a quick loan process and follows through the end of the transaction. Their team is welcoming and is composed of skilled professionals who are readily available.

Debora Gonzalez, Realtor/Investor: EZ Realty

My background is in finance and lending. I first came to work closely with the HardMoney Company as a broker, then as an investor using their funds for acquisitions. Our relationship is over 30 years of successful deals. The first rule of successful financial relationships is TRUTH and HONESTY. The second rule is TRUST. I have that in my relationship with The HardMoney Company. The process is simple and uncomplicated. The fees are not predatory and allow the investor to make money. These guys are consummate experienced professionals and know they’re business. I recommend this company and stand by this by using their services for my assured success.

Kenneth J Holmes, Managing Director | CFO, Greentree Investments LLC

I have been working with The HardMoney Company for over a decade now. Jerry treats his customers with the utmost respect and is extremely knowledgeable. I have never hesitated to work with his firm as the closings are always on time and the team is friendly and intelligent. If you are looking for financing for any current or future deals, do yourself a favor and look nowhere else. I can assure you that Jerry’s team will exceed your expectations!

Pawan K. Gupta, Mortgage Banker, President & CEO, Fairfax Lending, Inc.