Terms and Process

The Hard Money Company Advantage

All Types of Credit Accepted
Fast Closing & Minimal Paperwork
Deal Directly with the owners
No Hidden Fees or Charges
Great rates
True Professionals Who Realize Your Success Is Our Success

Each deal is carefully and individually evaluated; loan approval is based on the following:

  • The address and physical structure
  • Your financial commitment (how much cash the borrower is putting in the game)
  • Current “as-is” value (current equity value)
  • Borrower’s credit and income — we accept all levels of income and credit, but we analyze to prevent clients from over-extending themselves. Rarely is credit/income a reason for us to deny a loan request.
  • Previous history with the HardMoney Company
Man holding a sign saying "private lending"

Interest Rates 9-15% 

Points 1-5

Term 1-2 years

Other Closing Fees

  • Good faith deposits are required only after a loan commitment
  • Appraisal services: VA-MD-DC single residential units are $300-$400. Similar Florida appraisals range from $500-$800. Commercial property appraisals are determined individually
  • Legal Fee: $800- $1,800 (larger or multi-unit loans will be quoted separately)

Extensions and Subsequent Fees

  • Extensions will be considered based on borrowers’ loan history

Next Steps

1. Tell Us What You Need.

2. Complete Online Application.

3. Phone Consultation.

We will contact you to discuss initial thoughts. If we agree with your analysis, you will receive a commitment letter.

4. Commitment Letter/Site Visit.

To better evaluate your loan, we personally meet with you at the property and discuss your objectives.

5. Appraisal Ordered/Good Faith Deposit.

You will be required to complete our online application. Once received and reviewed, we will order an appraisal on the property. (In Florida you must order the appraisal through one of our approved professionals). After both parties agree in principle, a good faith deposit will be required. The deposit will be credited towards closing costs.

6. Settlement Scheduled.

We will contact you to re-verify all aspects of the loan and then schedule a closing.