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 The HardMoney Company is a premier private money lender from the Mid-Atlantic to South Florida region, with offices located in Washington, DC, and Aventura, Florida. We have experience funding projects in Miami, Virginia, the DMV area, and locations in between. Our private lenders have experience providing hard money loans of all sizes, anywhere from $50K-$5M. If you are looking for a hard money lending company who provides great rates, can close deals faster than competitors, accepts all types of credit, and actually cares about your success, then contact the HardMoney Company today!

Jerry Bouchard

Jerry Bouchard

Co-owner & Partner
Gus Goldsmith

Gus Goldsmith

Co-owner & Partner

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Recent Deals

11002 Childs St., Silver Springs, MD Hard Money Loan

Silver Spring, MD | Loan Amount $383k

3509 Memorial St., Washington DC Hard Money Loan

Washington, DC | Loan Amount $466k

3513 Portal Ave., Temple Hills MD Hard Money Loan

Temple Hills, MD | Loan Amount $272k

2723 28th St. NE, Washington DC - Hard Money Loan

Washington, DC | Loan Amount $355k

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