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Welcome to the HardMoney Company blog. Our team provides the capital needed to fund customer projects through a variety of different loans and loan structures. With our expertise at The HardMoney Company, we educate our clients to make optimal decisions and advance their financial opportunities. Need a hard money lender? We’re here to help. This blog offers tips, guidance, and information regarding hard money loans, commercial loans, rehab loans, fix & flip loans, and bridge loans.

How to Start Flipping Houses: A Beginner’s Guide

May 17, 2022

House flipping is an investment that requires a lot of funding to get a good return on investment and is not for everyone. Read More...

How to Get A Hard Money Loan: A Guide

Jan 22, 2022

Like many things in business, the first place to start to ensure any process goes smoothly is proper planning and expert providers. In the case of hard money loans, this planning is relatively simple and painless compared to traditional loans. Read More...

What Is A Rehab Loan?

Nov 03, 2021

A rehab loan, also referred to as a renovation loan, is a type of loan that enables homebuyers and homeowners to finance the renovation of a home through a single mortgage. Read More...

Hard Money Loans: What to Look for

Sep 10, 2021

Hard money loans are short-term real estate loans that secure the lender's interest with real estate. Learn more about the hard money loan process today! Read More...