Commercial Hard Money Loans

What Is A Commercial Hard Money Loan?

A commercial hard money loan is a specific type of loan that utilizes capital from our private lenders to borrowers who need it for their commercial project. For example, borrowers may need a commercial loan to rehab a pre-existing commercial property prior to refinancing to a traditional property mortgage. Our loan deals will provide you the ability to invest in a commercial project without having to go through a traditional bank loan, which tends to be more difficult for individuals who have not previously owned a commercial property.

Fast Commercial Hard Money Lenders

Our commercial hard money loans are used to purchase or refinance commercial properties such as mixed-use buildings, retail centers, self-storage facilities, shopping complexes, student housing, mobile home parks, industrial properties, condominium complexes, and restaurants. As a direct hard money loan provider we are able to help borrowers get the capital they need for their commercial project in a quick and efficient manner. Our team has the experience and the capital required to help those who are looking to purchase a commercial property. 

We are not a “matrix lender” or a broker and can work with a wide variety of clients in different situations. We hold and service our loans. Since we are a private lender and not a bank, we can close without upfront fees on both residential, investment and commercial properties. We are not bound by the stringent regulatory constraints of traditional bank lenders and can analyze a transaction from a business perspective and close loans that make sense for you. Typical commercial hard money loans have loan terms between 1-3 years and range from $100,000 to $5,000,000.

Commercial Hard Money Loans At A Glance

  • Types of Property: Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Residents, Commercial Real Estate
  • Loan Values: $50k Minimum - No Maximum Loan Amount
  • Loan Term Length: 6 - 18 months
  • Average Interest Rate: 8% - 15%
  • Loan-To-Value (LTV): Typically up to 80%
  • Funding Time: Typically can close deals as quick as 7 days

What Are The Benefits of Using Commercial Hard Money Lenders?

Short-term commercial loans are a great option for large commercial projects as well as smaller projects. When a borrower seeks a commercial loan from a bank it typically will take multiple weeks for the loan to go through and they will usually have high rates, which isn’t ideal for the borrower. 

On the other end of the spectrum, hard money commercial loans provide a borrower with a much quicker loan turnaround time. The average closing time for our commercial hard money loans is 5-10 days, and there are zero upfront fees. Since our commercial loans come from a private lender we are able to have flexible terms that work better for your project compared to what you would typically receive from a bank.

What Are Our Commercial Hard Money Loan Requirements?

The requirements for hard money loans can vary depending on the type of project and the experience of the client. Typically, hard money loan requirements are less strenuous compared to traditional banking loans. Hard money loans come from
private real estate lenders that have more flexibility in structuring your financing arrangement. If you are interested in learning more about hard loans or our hard money loan requirements then reach out to our experienced associates.

Hard Money Loans For Bad Credit

One of the most common questions about hard money loans is if you are eligible to receive a hard money loan if you have bad credit. It is possible to receive a hard money loan if you have bad credit but it depends on the type of project, the value of the loan, and the experience of the client. Our team of lenders are open to providing hard money loans to those with a bad credit score, so reach out to our team if you would like more information on our credit requirements.

Other Types of Loans We Offer

Our team provides a variety of different loan types to help you succeed with your project. We offer the following loan types as well other options:

Commercial Hard Money Loans FAQs

Does my credit score affect my application for a commercial hard money loan?

While we do consider credit score during our review process, our commercial hard money loan deals are mainly determined by the property in question. Our team is very understanding of past credit issues. Clients are typically not denied because of low credit.

Do commercial hard money loans require a down payment?

Typically, our commercial hard money loans require a down payment ranging 1% to 20% cash. Past credit performance and the strength of the performance will determine the amount of cash required from a client. Frequently, refinance or “cash-out deals” require zero cash.

Will the HardMoney Company provide proof of funds verification for commercial hard money loans?

Yes, our team will provide proof of funds verification for commercial hard money loans after an application is completed.

What are points in regard to commercial hard money loan?

Points are fees for acquiring a commercial hard money loan. Each point charged is equal to 1% of the loan amount. For example, two points on a $150,000 loan are equal to $3000.

How long does the commercial hard money loan process take?

Most commercial hard money loan deals are closed within 5-7 business days. At the HardMoney company, our loan process is extremely streamlined. However, our team can be restricted with title reports and title issues. Recently, we closed a deal within 24 hours from the time we met a client at their property. Florida is the exception: Florida transactions typically require approximately 3 weeks to close.