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  • Hard Money Company’s House Flipping Loan is a short-term loan, secured by real estate, and used to purchase and renovate property. Our Fix and Flip loan will allow you to buy a property, fix it up and sell it for a profit.
  • The Hard Money Company specializes in making and servicing Fix and Flip loans. Most times we will lend you the acquisition funds, however, in the correct circumstance, we may be able to arrange a portion of the rehab estimates. Those funds will be paid out to you in draws as the work progresses.
  • Many of our clients get Fix and Flip loans approved for as little as 10% of the purchase. In other circumstances, down payments for this type of funding may require up to 30% down. Approvals are dependent on the deal, experience, the property and the exit strategy. We will assist in helping throughout your “flip” deal to ensure your success.
  • If you are a fix and hold investor, we will provide flexible terms that will allow you time to refinance into a permanent loan.

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