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1. Capitalization- we have the capital to close multiple deals at the same time.  Loans from $50,000 to $5mm.

2. Streamlined processing – loan analysis, closings, and draws are always expedited

3. Analysis – loans are only made when the HMC concludes that your success is very achievable

4. Senior Management- Is always involved in your personal transaction and are readily available to all clients

The property and the deal are the main determining factors. Credit is examined, however we are very understanding of past credit issues. Rarely is someone denied simply because of their credit.
From 1% to 20%. Past performance and the transaction’s strength will determine the amount of cash required from a client. Often, refinance or “cash-out deals” require -0- cash.
Typically not. The one exception is if you are selling that property to relocate and need to pull cash out to purchase a new property. Once you primary property is sold, you must then repay the loan.
Yes, after a careful analysis is completed on your the first mortgage and the equity on the property.
Yes, after an application is completed.
Points are fees of acquiring a loan. Each point charged is equal to 1% of the loan amount. Two points on a $150,000 loan is equal to $3000.
Recently we closed a deal 24 hours from the time we met the client at his property. Our process is extremely streamlined however we are restricted with title reports and title issues. Most deals are closed within 5-7 business days. Florida is the exception: Florida transactions typically require 3 weeks to close.

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