Brokers Welcome

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Brokers’ Snapshot Summary

  • Remember brokers are always protected and paid at closings.
  • We always welcome brokers’ participation.
  • The HardMoney Company is self-funded, thus we can be very creative in making your deal happen!
  • Loan Types: Rehabs, second trusts... almost anything that makes sense except EPA challenged proposals
  • Loan Amounts: $50K to 5mm
  • Loan Territory: The VA/DC/MD metro area & Florida remain our major markets; however we do make loans throughout the country.
  • Credit Requirements: Credit and income are examined but not a primary consideration.
  • Interest Rates: 9-15%
  • Points: 1-5 points
  • Broker’s Compensation: 20-50% of points charged
  • Paperwork Required: We dislike paperwork as much as you; different states require different levels of documentation.
  • Borrower Experience Required? No
  • Bankruptcy Issues: Usually not a problem
  • LTV: Typically based on AS-IS value
  • ARV: Not usually a consideration
  • Can a client have multiple loans with us? Yes, depending on the strength of the client.
  • Preapproval letters: We are happy to provide after a completed application is submitted.